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Faster, Smarter Hiring with Hypjobs    

Powerful Resume Search
Instantly view, download, bookmark, or save resumes for specific posts from our database of over 500,000.
Top of Google
All posts are search-engine optimized to appear in Google for Jobs and organic listings on all search engines.
Targeted Marketing
Featured posts include premium placement in our email distribution and at the top of our search results.
Unlimited Candidates
There's no limit to the number of candidates who can apply to your posts.
Affordable Pricing
We offer very competitive rates on resume views and featured posts.
Works Anywhere
A seamless experience across your devices to manage your account in realtime.

Try Hypjobs Employer!

Instant Resumes

Find the best applicants for your posts as you view and download full resumes in PDF format on any device, in a Google-Drive-like interface.

Our account system simplifies your experience by giving you the ability to use bookmarks and star resumes for specific posts so you'll never misplace that perfect candidate.

Optimized for Google

Hypjobs gives you real-time, advanced, search engine optimizations to rank your posts at the top of Google for Jobs and other major search engines.

To give your posts an added boost, we also offer a featured post option, showcasing your posts on the first page of our search results and within our email distribution.

Your Posts. Delivered Daily.

We deliver your posts to the most relevant job seekers' inboxes daily. Job seekers have the option of a one-click resume upload to your posts, making resumes available for you to view within minutes.

You have the option to select as few or as many of your posts to be featured in our email distribution, up to your account's maximum. If you make changes to the featured status of any posts, these changes will be processed immediately.

Pricing Plans

We offer a number of competitive pricing plans. You can also contact us to discuss a customized offering.


Unlimited basic posts
10 free resume views
Featured posts


$199/mo  +HST
Unlimited basic posts
75 resume views
1 featured post


$299/mo  +HST
Unlimited basic posts
200 resume views
2 featured posts


$399/mo  +HST
Unlimited basic posts
300 resume views
3 featured posts

Frequently Asked Questions


How often between posting can I repost for the same position?

You can repost as often as you would like, however, there is no need to repost because Hypjobs automatically optimizes the rankings of posts based on relevance and posted date.

How many posts can I make?

All accounts offer unlimited basic posts, however, the number of "featured" posts depends on your account type. See our pricing plans to find the account that is best suited to your needs.

How long will my posts stay active?

Each post is termed to stay active for 30 days. Posts are removed from the listings and become inactive when you manually deactivate the post or after the 30 day term. All posts will remain in your employer post management system and may be reactivated or edited at any time.

How can I reactivate a post?

To activate or reactivate a post, you can simply click the "Activate" link on your account management page for any post listed.

How long does it take for my post to be activated?

Posts become active immediately, however, all posts are subject to a quality assurance check.


How much does Hypjobs cost?

We offer a number of affordable account options. See our pricing plans.
We also offer discounted pricing for charities and non-profit organizations (please contact us for more information).

Am I locked into a contract?

Not at all! We don’t tie you down with a contract and you can cancel at any time.

Is my payment information secure?

Absolutely! We don't collect or store any payment data. Instead, we send you to the StripeTM site to confirm and process your payment.

How can I delete my existing account and start a new one?

You can deactivate all your posts, log out of your existing account, and start a new account from the Employer Signup page

How many applications can I receive?

All account types allow for unlimited job applications from candidates. Resume views of candidates who applied will not count towards your monthly resume view limit.

What is a Featured post?

Featured posts appear on the first page of relevant search results and receive premium placement within Hypjobs' email distribution.


Is it safe to share my location with Hypjobs?

Yes, for location-based searches we do not store user location data and all data that is generated is used anonymously. In other words, we can't connect location information to any personally identifiable information.

How many seaches can I perform?

There is no limit on the number of searches that a user can perform.


Where is Hypjobs' office located?

Hypjobs is a Canadian-based company, with its head office located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

How can I contact Hypjobs?

Email us at info@hypjobs.ca or use our contact form. We respond promptly during our business hours, 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST.